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buy Iboga root barks for sale Texas IBOGA (Ibogaine) 


buy Iboga root barks for sale Texas are the Sun-dried vertical shavings of Iboga root barks, gotten From +10 years old Tabernanthe iboga trees with an estimated 4.8% ibogaine composition. Buy Iboga root barks from $4.50 US dollars per gram for 20 grams to $1,500.00 US dollars for a kilogram. buy Iboga root barks for sale Texas

It appears as brownish-yellow root barks. It can be ground into iboga root barks powder. It should be stored dry and sealed. To complete your purchase of Iboga root barks you should click on the button below. We would contact you instantly to complete the payment and shipping of your Iboga root barks.


Pure Ibogaine HCl extracted from Tabernanthe iboga root bark. Our Ibogaine HCl for sale costs $225 US dollars per gram for 1 gram to $163 US dollars per gram for 10 grams. Our Ibogaine HCl appears as a brown powder rather than white as it is seen online and elsewhere. We extract our ibogaine HCl to brown color to ensure it is easily shipped without suspicion due to the stigma associated with white powder.

Our Ibogaine HCl is composed of 99.9 % Ibogaine and is one of the most potent available. Ibogaine HCl should be stored in sealed and dry conditions. To complete your purchase of Ibogaine HCL you should click on the button below. We would contact you instantly to complete the payment and shipping of your Ibogaine HCl


Iboga Total Alkaloid Extract for sale is the extract of the ibogaine alkaloid, mixed with other unresearched compounds found in Iboga root bark responsible for its psychedelic properties. It is extracted from Iboga Root bark powder, It is composed of an estimated 60-70% ibogaine. It appears as brown clumps.

Buy Iboga TA from $80 US dollars per gram for 1 gram, to 53 US dollars per gram for 10 grams. It is best stored sealed and in dry conditions. To complete your purchase of Iboga TA you should click on the link below. We would contact you instantly to complete the payment and shipping of your Iboga TA.
Firstly Tabernanthe iboga is a shrub up to 4 to 6 meters high. With a trunk With smooth, gray bark, up to 10 cm in diameter. The plant Secondly contains white latex in all its parts. The opposite leaves , simple and whole, with a narrow elliptical. Elliptical or narrowly Thirdly obovate blade , are borne by a petiole 1 to 13 mm long. Fourthly The inflorescence is an irregular corymb with more or less few flowers. The bisexual, fragrant flowers are regular, with In addition pentameric symmetry. The calyx consists of 5 almost free, oval to triangular sepals. Persistent on the fruit. Additionally Flaring into 5 orbicular to oval lobes, 2.5 to 6 mm long, white or ivory. Presenting red dots or streaks in the throat. The ovary, superior, is bilocular at base  The fruit is a berry spherical to oval, yellow-orange, 3 to 7 cm long, containing. Numerous seeds wrapped in a spongy white pulp. The seeds , ellipsoids, are 7 to 10 mm long Order Ibogaine Online Texas As a matter of fact Ibogaine is different than Iboga. Ibogaine is synthesized and extracted from Iboga for medical and scientific use. On a medical level, Ibogaine is much more predictable than Iboga because it does not contain other foreign alkaloids that could alter the experience or the interaction of the drug in the body. Ibogaine was first extracted from the Iboga root bark in the late 19th century. Before this, Iboga, in its pure form, was used by the Bwiti religion of Africa for spiritual.

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