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Ketamine (ketamine hydrochloride) is an anaesthetic and analgesic (pain killer). Ketamine was developed in the 1960s for medical use and is now used widely throughout the world for anaesthesia and pain relief in both humans and animals. It wasn’t long after its invention that it began to be used as a recreational drug with dissociative and psychedelic properties.

What does ketamine look like and how is it used? | Buy Ketamine Powder Online in New York

Ketamine is a white/transparent when pure, and often sold as a powder of tiny crystals. It is often crushed into a fine powder so it can be snorted up the nose. Occasionally the powder can be other colours, such as off-white or brown.

Ketamine also sometimes comes in pills. These could contain other drugs, which increases the risk of a bad reaction. It has even been sold as or confused with ecstasy pills.

Some people get ketamine in liquid form (or dissolve it) and inject it for a faster, stronger effect. Injecting drugs is more dangerous for many reasons. For example, it is easier to take too much and can cause injuries and infections such as HIV (sharing needles).

KETAMINE AND YOUR BRAIN | Buy Ketamine Crystal Online | Buy Ketamine Online USA

Understanding how ketamine works in your brain can help you understand how and why it’s so beneficial for uses other than anesthesia. Ketamine works on a very specific group of cells in your brain called NMDA receptors. These receptors interact with neurotransmitters such as glutamate to rev up your neurons. 

Most of the time, this is a good thing. However, if your neurons stay in an excitatory state for too long, they begin to die off. This leads to a cascade of events, resulting in certain conditions such as depression or anxiety. These, along with other conditions, have been linked to NMDA receptor malfunction.

Ketamine works directly on the brain to block the NMDA receptor signals. This allows the brain to create new pathways and synapses, which can aid the healing of past injury or illness. It also blocks glutamate, which is important for your memory and emotions. This allows you to feel calm and forget the moments before or after surgery.

Although this drug is traditionally used for its anesthetic properties, at Boston MindCare, we’ve found that it has many other advantages for a variety of illnesses that may be inpacting your life.

What are the effects of ketamine?

Ketamine produces very different effects depending on whether someone takes a little or a lot. It is a strong drug and it is easy to take more than intended. It is therefore better for inexperienced users to start with a small dose first before they consider trying to get the effects of a larger dose.

Low to moderate doses

Ketamine can give sensations of lightness (like walking on the moon), dizziness, and euphoria. It makes people’s thoughts flow randomly; ideas can seem special and important, or pleasantly or unpleasantly muddled. Things may begin to look and sound different or somehow unreal. There is always a higher risk of accidents whilst using ketamine. Taking any depressant drug, such as alcohol, can very easily and quickly make the effects much stronger and riskier.

Higher doses

The more ketamine that is taken, the harder it is to stand up and move about. Quite large quantities lead to exceptionally odd feelings such as separation between the mind and the physical body, which some find pleasurable and others find distressing. Unpleasant side-effects like nausea and vomiting can occur. Ketamine can produce delusional thoughts much like those associated with schizophrenia. Very large quantities lead to users losing touch with their identity and surroundings altogether, which is called k-holing. People k-holing may be unresponsive, although inside their mind they may be experiencing vivid hallucinations. Users can have notions and hallucinations which can feel very real, and can be anything from wonderful conversations with angels, to being convinced they are dying. The risks of accidents, overdoses and anxiety described below are increasingly significant at higher doses.

What are the risks of using ketamine? Can they be avoided or reduced?

People can die after taking ketamine. People who die or end up in hospital almost always have combined ketamine with other drugs, particularly alcohol. Taking ketamine with stimulants (such as cocaine and ecstasy) may overload your heart. Taking it with depressants (such as alcohol, GBL or heroin) may make you become unconscious quickly and unexpectedly, and can stop your breathing or allow you suffocate on your own vomit.

Ketamine works in several ways to make you particularly vulnerable to accidental injury and death; even smaller amounts will decrease your ability to make sensible decisions or recognize dangers (like roads). Larger amounts have anaesthetic effects; people have died by lying outside on a cold night without awareness of the cold, and by falling unconscious in the bath and drowning.

Tripping on ketamine can be an utterly overwhelming experience, especially if the user does not expect its powerful effects. Users can freak out whilst taking it and sometimes end up being rushed to hospital. Such anxiety attacks produce a dangerously racing heart and palpitations as well as extreme agitation. This can be a seriously traumatic experience, even if it doesn’t cause physical harm.

THE MANY BENEFITS OF KETAMINE | Best Ketamine in Belgium | Best Ketamine shop BE

Since ketamine is used for surgery, it helps to calm your mind and also to relieve the pain associated with certain procedures. However, the benefits of ketamine have broken the boundaries of surgery and have shown success in treatment of many conditions, including:

Depression Migraines PTSD Chronic pain Obsessive compulsive disorder Bipolar disorder

One of the benefits that ketamine offers is a decreased need for narcotic painkillers. This is a great advantage, due to the increased likelihood of tolerance and complications with long-term narcotic use. If you suffer from chronic pain, ketamine may be a great alternative to traditional treatments.

Another advantage is that ketamine works very quickly, and continues to work even after it’s metabolized by your body. This is especially true when it’s used for treatment of depression symptoms. Typical antidepressants need weeks to build up in your body and start working, while ketamine can work in a matter of hours.

Ketamine, when used properly, also doesn’t have a significant effect on your breathing rate or blood pressure. This makes it very safe for use in surgery, as many other drugs that produce a sedating effect can decrease your blood pressure, which can lead to complications.

Although ketamine has shown very positive results for many psychological conditions, it’s not for everybody. It’s important to talk to our staff about all aspects of ketamine therapy, including side effects and contraindications for use.

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